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Wednesday, March 5, 2008
Before I lose it...
This is the bulletin I posted on myspace after being flustered by reading a couple of random peoples myspaces. This isn't actually addressed to "40 yr olds living with their moms who dress in kimonos everyday watching and breathing hentai and manga." as one of my dear friends puts it; but this bulletin can be aimed directly at them. This is more for silly teenager girls who obsess over cute anime girls and Japanese pop boy bands, have pictures of random animes/mangas/k-pop/j-pop music stars/ and the like.
(The subject title was otaku's, and anime freaks, and hentai oh my! then after posting it I just realized that I made a big mistake...otakus are anime freaks -.-)

"There is absolutely no problem with loving Anime/Manhwa/Manhua/Manga, goodness knows I enjoy the hell out of it myself, it's my style of art and I enjoy drawing it. But there's a point where people go OVERBOARD, to a point where fat white girls are dressing in corsets, mini-skirts, sticking fake fuzzy cat ears on their head and thinking they’re absolutely fucking adorable.
Please, don't go quoting in Japanese if you can’t speak the language fluently .
Please, don't act Asian if you AREN'T Asian in the slightest.
Please, don't say you live in Japan if you haven’t even been there.
Please, don't make a fool out of yourself.

I hate how you all made pocky sticks and ramen a stereotypical thing. I grew up on those things, but not because it was Asian, but because those things were delicious. You speak of pocky sticks as if they were mana from heaven, and ramen a gift from the gods…where in reality those things aren't as good as everybody makes them to be. Those things are still delicious to me, they remind me of my childhood, but now it’s tainted knowing that some anime freak would have an orgasm watching an Asian girl eating pocky sticks.

I love K-pop, J-pop and rock… but I like it because of the lyrics…NOT because…”OMG HOT ASIAN PEOPLE SINGING!! WHO CARES ABOUT WHAT THEY’RE SAYING!!! IT'S ASIAN! IT MUST BE GOOD!“

I’m sorry, but Naruto isn't as awesome as everybody thinks it is…but that’s only my opinion.

I wont even go into masturbating to anime pictures or scantily clad RARE asian women who have big breasts X.x
(Trust me, not that many asian women have overflowing chests.)

When I say, “It's because I’m Asian” I make fun of every person in the world who thinks Asian people excel over everybody , I don’t actually believe I am pro because I am Asian…. But then again… Maybe it is because I'm Asian XD

Then again, it’s amusing how hard you all try to be like us."

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