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Thursday, March 13, 2008
Saving Money.
Now that I have a job, I've been trying really hard (heh, not really) to save every penny I recieve. Like I said, I'm shooting for A LOT of money by the end of this year...but aaahh! It's sooo hard to be tight fisted. I really am trying...

- I gave my boyfriend my only debit card. And he lost it...so now I really can't get it unless I order one.... hmm. Ordering one is a pain in the butt, soo thats good...I guess.

- I wrote my goals down on a piece of paper and stuck it in my purse; just in case I get interested in buying something...ANYTHING, I'll just read that little piece of paper and my conscience will torture me to death, so I won't buy it. (I'll have a huge problem during sales though.)

- I try to keep away from the mall. (That won't work to well, because I now work at the mall...ugh.)

I spend a lot of money on:
Cloths, mostly tee's and short shorts. (I do admit, that IS a problem)

Honestly, money (for me) is so hard to come by, but once you have some in your pocket, it's hard not to spend it on something you desire. Fighting my human temptation is an ongoing struggle for me...

recently (like, two nights ago) I bought Olay age defying anti-wrinkle lotion, Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Cream Foundation, Black socks (for work), and Ferrero Rocher Chocolate...lots of it XD I believe the total was around forty dollars.

*sigh* so, now I'm going on a budget plan. -.- And reading more money blogs! :D
like The Simple Dollar. bleh. Hopefully I'll get better at spending less.


Anyhow, my boyfriend was showing me this new online show, which is a branch off of Pure Pwnage (which I adore). But now I'm completely obsessed with this hilarious spin off on Dave (You'll know who I'm talking about if you watch the pure pwnage episodes). Pro At Cooking :D
It pretty much pwns. (and I want his apron.)

So, my next blog post is going to be a rant about "GAMER" girls... those ditzy little blonde chicks who call themsevles gamers but in reality are pretty much just out there to get guys and only know about video games because their ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-boyfriend used to play it. Because, as everybody knows, it's really hard to find an attractive girl that plays video games. (I won't say that I'm attractive. YES I'm one of those girls with low self-esteem -.- but I would like to say, that.... I DON'T PLAY GAMES BECAUSE OF MY BOYFRIEND. I played them way before I met him, you'll find out more about my gamer history in my next blog post.)
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