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Wednesday, April 30, 2008
I was tagged by Cherise! whew it's long!
*cracks knuckles*

...lets get started shall we?

Your 5 impressions on her
♥ Fun friend.
♥ really artistic
♥ a cool e-pal who I have had for...a LONG time.
♥ Loves pink...chyeaah ^.^
♥ I always look forward to her blog updates!

Most memorable things he/she has give/done to you :
♥ Advice, and emails ^.^

If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason is because :
♥ ...uh...I dunno...I started to despise the color pink? lawlz. just kidding.

5 things found in my bag :
♥ trash.
♥ candy.
♥ random pieces of paper.
♥ my uber cool sunglasses.
♥ and my uber cool pen. XD

5 things found in my wallet :
♥ those green paper thingyz with numbers and faces on them.
♥ those round silver, and copper thingyz with faces and pictures on them.
♥ library card.
♥ Drivers license.
♥ house keys!

5 favourite things in my room :

♥ My window. why? don't ask *sly smile*
♥ My Cloths.
♥ My Radio.
♥ My Bed.

5 things I always wanted to do :
♥ I agree with Cherise, I would like to shop without having to bother to look at the
price tags :/
♥ To draw an amazing picture that even I am satisfied with.
♥ Sleep under the stars with the one I love :)
♥ sshhh...*whispers* go skinny dipping with my best friend at the beach XD
♥ Dance. :)

5 things I am currently into :
♥ Drawing.
♥ Work.
♥ Reading.
♥ Blog reading.
♥ photography...of maiself XD

List out the top 5 you would wish for :
♥ wish I could have more cash to do what I want...
♥ wish I could be in the philippines.
♥ wish I can have a child. (what can I say, I love children ^.^)
♥ wish I can draw good.
♥ "To be more diligent and motivated in whatever I do." I agree whole heartedly with Cherise.

First Name – Nichi
Nickname – zsa-zsa, little-asia-girl, Niqi, dirty-asian...blahblahblah.
Name you wish you had – Hm, I'm content with my 'real' name.
What do people normally mistake your name as – people say my last name wrong. Oh, and say "Nehchi" instead of "knee+CHI"
Birthday – September 11, 1990..meh. I know.
Birthplace – ARIZONA, USA
Time of Birth – I have no clue
Single or taken – my heart and soul has been taken. <3 Hello KITTY HELL!!
Location – anywhere I'm loved.
Animal – kitties, and horses.
Ever cried over someone – yes, of course.
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself – most everything :/
Do you think you're attractive – Nope.
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose - uh..hm..I dunno.
Do you play any sports – Nope.

I tag:
1. Pao.
2. pikachuhater.


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