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Thursday, April 24, 2008
I've found something new to play around with, Adobe Photoshop CS!
*sparkles and confetti fall from the sky*
(as if I already don't spend enough time on the computer.)
It's like a shiny new toy with hundreds and hundreds of buttons!
I'm constantly going, "ooh! what does this button doo?"

So, I took a few of my pictures and screwed around with them...
"DUDE! I can totally put makeup on my face WITHOUT ACTUALLY PUTTING MAKEUP ON MY FACE!!! fancy that!"

...you can tell I was excited.
I've heared about all the interesting things people can accomplish with photoshop, but I didn't really have the chance to figure it out for myself until now ^.^ First, I experimented with the brush tool, a little blush, and a little eyeliner...hey look Ma!
It only looks like I'm wearing makeup! but I'm not! it's fake! mwahaha!But then, I accidentally discovered the blur and smudge tool, and THAT is where the fun began. I discovered the many things I could do with with the smudge tool by my side. I messed with the color levels and contrast first, then I evened out my skin tone with the brush tool, added makeup with the fancy brush tool, and then decided to give myself a nose job with the smudge and blur tools. Ahah. I look so different! It's kind of scary to know that I can look like a completely different person just by messing with my pictures on my computer...
...doesn't it make you think twice about the models on the magazines? It makes me wonder if that's what they really look like in real life. Heh, I'm not good at photoshop, but I've discovered how to make myself look good XD

But don't worry, I wont start photoshopping my pictures. I'd prefer it if you guys knew what I really looked like, so I can complain about myself to you ^.^
Wouldn't you like that?
I like how I can give myself a quick and painless nosejob. haha. Bleh, I hate my big fat nose.
Anyhow, I played with photoshop from 8 pm last night till midnight...and I developed a nice pounding headache.
Clutching my head in agony...okay, so it wasn't THAT bad, but I'mma dramaqueen. :D But I do want you to know, despite all the "lovely" pictures of me that you have seen, that really isn't me, and I DO NOT look THAT GOOD in real life, I'm just a normal girl, with terrible features, that wishes she was pretty...and below is what I really look like. :)


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