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Sunday, April 20, 2008

I don't like having my pictures taken...
By ANYBODY else BUT me. There should be a mutual trust between model and photographer, and unless the photographer is a professional, I don't trust them, period.

Personally I don't think I look all that fantastic in person, but hey! look at my pictures, they look nice! It's because I'm such an awesome photographer :D (conceited nah?!)
Sure the model poses and "looks good", but the photographer is the one who's "painting" the picture, or telling the story.

Good lighting, good angles.

Model has a big nose? Either tilt the models head slightly to the side or take the picture from a three-quarter angle, obviously giving the impression of a smaller nose. (I have a big nose...so I tend to tilt my camera a lot :/)

I'm writing about this because I get so many compliments on the pictures I post on the web, but I look COMPLETELY different in real life than I do in a photo, but I DO know the girl in the picture is me, but I don't LOOOOOOK that GOOOOOD.
Matter of fact, the girl I see when I look in the mirror, scares me! ...just a little ^.^

A picture is worth a thousand words.
Yet another way to tell a story. That's why I love photography ^.^
A lot of people I know are going into the photography business, going to college just to study the art...It's such an easy thing to do! Just POINT and CLICK and viola! tada! easy-peasy.
But that is the bad thing about it, people think they can just snap and photo and viola! they have a masterpiece.

There is much more to a picture then point and shoot, same as an oil painting, there is much more then just a brush stroke on a canvas.
It's the passion and dedication you put into it, and secondly, the technical stuff...like lighting and posing and blah blah blah :)

(The model in those two pictures is my good friend Sarah T., she's a good sport and lets me use her as my lab testing pet with all my crazy ideas for makeup and photos.)
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