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Sunday, April 6, 2008
saved by the shoe.
Do you recall my last post? The one about the shoes?
Meh. It so happens the night I come back home from work to show my mom the shoes I bought, I discover that I have purchased TWO left shoes! It was tragic, I really wanted those shoes...but I just ended up returning them yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon, me and my boyfriend went to the local-yokel bazaar which is full of delicious foods, so many goodies, imitation purses, hair products, body products, jewelry, furniture...whatever you need you can get it at the bazaar ten times cheaper than if you went shopping at the mall.
Everything is eye dazzling and catching...and oh so deliciously cheap.
I wish somebody could stuff one hundred dollars in my hands and let me loose in there, I'd have a feeding frenzy. ^.^

I bought two things yesterday, an awesome looking pocket knife for my brothers birthday, and a hello kitty necklace for a friend of mine. Pocket knife was 15USD, and the HK Necklace was 1USD.
Okay, if I buy something cheap...is that SAVING money? or SPENDING money?
I guess it depends on how you look at it.
grawr. I'm spending money I should be saving -.-
Honestly, I need a little more self-control.
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