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Wednesday, April 2, 2008
So, yesterday I had work...
And instead of working in the back like I usually did, they put me out front to work on the cash register.
Now, I have this phobia of getting things wrong and having people get extremely mad at me, and working out front would give me the chance of experiencing those fears.
My first day working in the front went "okay", I just wish I didn't make so many mistakes...

But Anyhow, I'd like all you people to know that it'd be nice if you didn't yell at the cashiers, usually it isn't their fault, and if it is, it's an honest mistake...

I haven't been yelled at yet, but I'm sure when it happens, I'll cry.

You wouldn't want to make ME cry!
...would you?


Please don't yell at the poor cashier people.
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