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Thursday, March 20, 2008
money problems.
In starting our business, I spent $59.64 (That was a HARD kick in the behind.) I've had to calculate how much we have to price our items so we make a profit instead of a terrible loss.
During my little spending spree I somehow realized how difficult it is to come by money, and that what I was doing was painful (spending hard earned money).

I developed a different mindset from the one I had a week ago...


I thought that if anybody stole my purse, it wouldn't really bother me (besides my drivers licinse.) because I don't have money in it, I keep my cellphone in my pocket, and my wonderful boyfriend is yet again in possession of my debit card.
But now I see it differently!
Even if I don't have money in it, I'll be losing money that I (and others) PUT into it.

1.) My Fossil Purse: $64.99
I was attracted to this purse because it looked durable and it had a lot of pockets.
My aunt bought it for me as a graduation present.
2.) Receipts.
3.) An assortment of cards. ex.:library cards, membership cards...
4.) Notebook. 50 pesos, so one dollar?? (My cousin bought for me in the philippines.)
5.) Pictures.
6.) Cellphone, Razr. (The same phone almost EVERYBODY has. -.-) $50.00
7.) My ball ball. I carry it around....BECAUSE I CAN! OKAY?!?
8.) My lucky cat that one of my friends got me for Christmas, I don't think the words even mean lucky, I wouldn't know, I can't read Chinese. I bring it around everywhere though, and when I play DDR, she sits ontop of the screen. :D
9.) $1 and 10 cents.
10.) Visine eye drops and clinique moisturizing lotion. Those two added up would be around $10
11.) Keys :D (My duck key is awesome.)
12.) Dramamine. (I get car sick on long trips. Long trips meaning over five hours.) I have two, so around $10
13.) 2 spf 20 softlips chapstick $3.50, and Burts Bees Raspberry lip gloss $4.50
14.) 2 eyeliners: aura science $10.00, clinique *free. Clinique mascara *free
15.) Clinique compact powder *free
16.) concealer. $6.00
17.) meh. another concealer which I don't use but just sits around in my purse. $3.50
18.) Neutrogena Rapid Clear $7.00
19.) eye lash thingy...I don't know what it's called -.- *free
20.) comb and hair thingy. haha. $1.00
(* my mother got a deal which enabled her to get a ton of free stuff from Clinique if she bought a certain item, then she gave what she didn't want to me ^.^)
*sigh* It'll make me feel bad if somebody stole my purse, not because it was mine (lol), but because most of the stuff I got were from people who took their hard earned money and spent it on me. meh. I spend too much money on cosmetics.
They say you can tell a woman by the contents of her purse...
There you go.
What does my purse say about me?
haha. I read "vain" all over it.

In another effort to save money I'm planting a garden, and tonight me and my father are going to shop for seeds. Plus, it's an excuse for me to get my butt outside, since I'm such a greenhouse plant, and I spend my days inside instead of out.
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