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Saturday, March 15, 2008
Who, What, When, Where, and Why most girls don't play video games.


WHO- who doesn't play video games? The answer, Most girls age ten and over.

WHAT- and if they do play video games, what do they like to play? Either it has nothing to do with blood and gore because it's scary, a cutesy Anime RPG, Something like that new Hannah Montanna game (*cringes*), and or, all the fad-ish games that are all the rage among the guy gamers...like Halo 3.

WHEN- meh. I don't know how often they play, but I'm guessing not very much.

WHERE- their boyfriends house, or their younger brothers bedroom? (Nothing wrong with that, XD I do that haha.)

WHY- ....who knows why? I don't understand why anybody wouldn't want to give anybody else a boom headshot in the face.
But several of my girl friends have giving me their perspective on the gaming world, and why they don't walk around with rocket launchers slung behind their shoulder.

Friend #1: thinks her boyfriend loves his video games more than her, and would rather play them then hang out with her. She feels that she is completely ignored when he's all over his xbox.

Friend #2: thinks that video games are for stupid fat people that have lived in their parents basement for half of their lives.
(Shows how much SHE knows -.-)

Friend #3: is scared of blood. Even computer generated blood. And Even screams when she gets a papercut.

Friend #4: doesn't play video games because she thinks it is a waste of time and doesn't believe in violence.

Friend #5: plays video games, but only does it to meet guys. She only started playing because her ex-boyfriend brought her into the gaming world.

I had work yesterday, and I was able to get to know one of my guy co-workers much better than the rest because somehow we started talking about video games.
He was amazed! (I don't see why) he exclaimed, "FINALLY! A girl who likes HALO 3!"
I laughed and told him that there are a lot of girls who play Halo 3....then I told him to go and buy the orange box and play TF2.

Later on after work, I was talking to one of my guy friends on the phone and told him about my co-worker's surprise in me playing video games,
"I don't think It's BECAUSE you play halo 3 that he's amazed, it's because you PLAY halo 3 and ENJOY It." He said to me. :) That made me feel good.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against girls playing video games...
The more the merrier!
I just think that people should do it to enjoy it, not to use it to get a new boyfriend.

It takes a lot to be called A GAMER, and even more to be PRO.
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