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Wednesday, April 16, 2008
There are SOOO many "beauty" blogs out there! So many tips, how-to's, how-do's, reviews, etc.!
Some are very helpful, and some are just plain TOO girly for me to read.
But all in all, it's a guilty pleasure for me :P

I don't wear makeup, but I like reading about what these women and girls talk about, it's pretty interesting, after all, the face is just another canvas to paint on ^.^
And I use to wear makeup and obsess about wearing it everyday, it's almost like trying to quit smoking...I felt so naked without my makeup for a long while.
makeup makes me feel pretty...but then it's like I'm wearing a mask. *sigh* ah well.

I like to read Michelle Phan's (ricebunny) blog. But she rarely updates it anymore so I have started to read *starlit*, who I find really interesting and amusing...
But I don't like to read XiaXue's blog, it's way to "girly" and though she may be funny, her page takes WAY TO LONG TO LOAD ON MY COMPUTER....I have dial-up and "TopSpeed" (read: L-I-E-S) AOL.




close your mouth.



I know I live in the dinosaur age, no need to rub it in.
but above all blogs, I enjoy reading Karen Cheng's blog the most.

Blah, anyhow, to tan or NOT to tan?

I didn't really care until I turned thirteen and I went to the Philippines for the first time and my family oohhd and aahhd over my light skin, after that I became self-concious about my skin color. Which is kind of a good thing, Because I avoided direct sunlight and or wore sunscreen...

it was only this year where I discovered too much sunlight is a bad thing, it prematurely ages your skin! :/

A scary thought.

So, I've developed this mindset where I WANT "white" skin. Like the chinese or korean people.
T.T But I'm hopelessly dark skinned.

Thats the bad thing...!!!
I'll be going to the beach a lot...BECAUSE I FREAKING LOVE THE BEACH OKAY?!?
but I can't swim if I don't want to get darker...


*pant, pant*


how unfair! I guess I'll be hopelessly dark for the rest of my living days.


maybe I should go hermit zombie on everybody. Then I can be as white as a ghost! yey.
hmph. Fine. I'll just go eat my mint chocolate ice cream and stew in my depression. weeping for my vanity. -.- /cry. /sob.

I only look white because the camera flash is kind to me, and likes to flatter me and tries and make me look pretty.
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