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Monday, April 28, 2008
brothers birthday party.
Today is my fourteen year old brother's "official" birthday, and on Saturday was his birthday party, which I volunteered to plan, host, and feed him and his many puberty pals.
I have no idea what was going on in my head when I decided to plan his party...
Nonetheless, I prepared everything the day before the party, and well, the party wasn't a disaster to say the least :)

I didn't plan any activities because my brother and is friends are too "old" and too "cool" for little party games, (I personally will never get tired of pin the tail on the donkey. classic.)
Boys will be boys I thought, so I didn't really need to plan much, they're a primitive race and can amuse themselves. But just to be safe I bought 400 water balloons that they could launch at each other outdoors.Meh, and THAT was a disaster, during the process more balloons were popped than made, and the balloons that my boyfriend and my youngest brother finally painstakingly made were gone in less than two minutes.
After the balloons they amused themselves with my moms bug eyed sunglasses and my blonde wig. Like I said, Primitive race.That's Me, stabbing marinated bbq pork with a vengeance, Saturday morning (sorry to all those vegetarians out there :/ but my brother is a carnivore and I had to fulfill his needs.) And the guy with the box around his head is my prom date. I just realized that all the pictures I have of him is of his back...mwahaha! you shall never see his face.

and yes, I got my fourteen year old brother a thong from victorias secret. :)
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