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Saturday, May 3, 2008
makeup and art.
Still haven't found my beloved digicam.

But on the BRIGHT side!!! My awesome co-worker lent me his Prismacolor color pencils!! WOOT WOOT! I was so excited, he gave me good paper too ^.^
I'm not exactly made out of money, and neither are my parents...so I have always drawn with number two pencils, hand-me-down water colors and brushes that my father used when he drew long long long LOOONG ago, and acrylics that I bought a while back. :)
And a few months ago my wonderful and thoughtful boyfriend bought me a watercolor set which I use quite often.
But this is the first time I have EVER used pro-color pencils...
so my drawings aren't all that great, but ah well, I'm a noob and using pro-pencils :D
It'll get better, I hope.
So far I have only drawn two pictures...
I'll post them once I find the thinggummy digicam.

and on a different note, I bought a new mascara with my last paycheck, I believe it was 6USD.
My friend claimed it was awesome, never clumped up on them (the mascara was used on a high school musical cast), and to top that off it was funky and cool looking :P

Covergirl, lashblast mascara...I must admit, it is pretty cool looking, but unlike my friend claimed, it DOES clump up quite often :/
But thats the only con, other than that it's a pretty awesome mascara, it makes my lashes stronger and darker, and although they're already long, it makes it even looonger :)

thats it for today folks!

I'm on the search for the DIGICAM!!!
*strikes a heroic pose*
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  • At May 8, 2008 at 11:17 AM, Blogger (g)ezebel said…

    i love lashblast, but the thing feels really awkward to hold. i feel like i'm gonna drop it and get mascara all over my face. :0/

  • At May 9, 2008 at 12:37 PM, Blogger Nichi said…

    ahah. I haven't got that feeling yet, but I have accidentally brushed mascara on my eyelid because of the weird hold XD

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