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Monday, June 23, 2008
super ingenius buddy. i pwnz teh w0rld.
(owningz the world, one n00b at a time ^.^ )
(girly post up ahead) (bewarez)

Random-ness. foohtawah.

I attempted to do the "do-it-yourself-lip balm-stain"

I didn't exactly fail to follow all the intstructions, I just neglected to follow the "right way to do it"
So I could not find food coloring in the kitchen, and I stompped all over the place PMS'ing about not having things when I "need" them the most.
Then I thought, "I SHALL DO IT ALL BY MYSELF!!!" I brainstormed about natural red coloring....
big red strawberries, which I had in the fridge.

ah my.
I never fail to make a fool out of myself.
nonetheless, it worked ^.^ haha. *pats her head*
it didn't exactly have the nice juicy red color I hoped for, but it did make my lips slightly pinker than usual. I even tried it on my brother and his best friend, I have pictures to prove it...but meh. I didn't upload them yet.
To dye or NOT to dyeee??
So the majority of people say I shouldn't color my hair. They either say natural is the way to go, or it's a total waste of money to color my beautiful black hair (psh. vain I be. yes. lying I not. no.)...
depending on who I am with, I change my mind constantly on what I want to do...
I see the sense in NOT coloring my hair, less damage, which means healthy-ER hair, not spending 70 USD, which means more money in my slowling growing savings.
But then, if I color my hair, I can have the satisfaction of "looking nice"
everything leans more to NOT coloring my hair, and yet I continue to crave a different hair color. I swear, I am one of the most fickle people you'll ever meet.
Anyhow, I don't have virgin hair, I've dyed it a couple of times now:
1'st time: Professionally done in a hair studio in the Philippines, a nice vibrant red color. Highlights only.
2'nd time: baught CRUDE hair dye in a market place, my girl cousin dyed chunks of my hair, I swear that stuff almost KILLED my hair...it smelled terrible too.
It didn't show at first, but after being exposed to sunlight it turned a bronzy-reddish color, which I was satisfied with. (in the Philippines again.)
3'rd time: baught more crude hair dye, this time in the United States...less damaging...but still done unprofesionally...this time by my guy friend.
meh. we dyed it a violet color, and it covered my red, so we tried a red color and it never showed up :/
4'th time: I learned my lesson and got it done professionally by the lady who does my hair to this day, highlights yet again (I don't think I've ever dyed my entire head) a nice warm red color that barely showed up :)
I'm thinking either red highlights again, with a nice color that actually contrasts my black hair.
Or getting my entire head done with a dark creamy brown, or a nice "bronze" color.

I really like that color, but I'm not sure I could pull it off so well as Ayumi Hamasaki can. (on a side note: I DID'NT KNOW HER ENTIRE FACE WENT UNDER THE KNIFE!! That makes me feel a WHOLE lot better about myself. *grins*)

Or that brown. I could pull off that brown ^.^

meh. whatever. I go sleep now.
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  • At June 24, 2008 at 12:06 AM, Blogger (g)ezebel said…

    bah! color your hair if you want to. just know that once you lighten your hair, it'll never be the same again til you grow ALL the dye out.

    oh do show us the pics of your strawberry lip balm experiment!!

  • At June 26, 2008 at 8:07 AM, Blogger xppinkx said…

    Hey hun if you still have them post em up!!! i need by today for i am whoring out the winner tommaorw!!!...or send them to my email at pchau85@hotmail.com....i need a hoe name too!!!

  • At June 26, 2008 at 6:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    my gosh same position! I keep WANTING to dye my hair but when I go to the hairdresser she raves about my beautiful soft black virgin hair and I don't wanna dye it more! doesn't she know that by talking me out of it she's like losing money? ahaha well I think hair always grows out so you shouldn't stress so much about it, and just GET IT DYED ^_^ I love the brown color in the last picture

  • At June 26, 2008 at 9:25 PM, Blogger Nichi said…

    @ (g): yes, I'm definately going to show you the pictures...
    and I'm not to sure about dying my hair just yet :/

    @ pink: *sigh*
    I'm way to late :( *cries*

    @ incandescent:I KNOWZ! having beautiful black hair hampers things! everybody is like, "OHHH you have such beautiful hair! why on EARTH do you want to dye it??"

    and I'm like....

    so I can feel beautiful??? I DUNNO?!? grr.

    it's so difficult to decide!
    What color are you thinking of dying your hair?

  • At June 28, 2008 at 9:00 PM, Anonymous Sachi said…

    @ Nichi:


    Once upon a conversation, I mentioned a type of hair style-color that I couldn't really pin down with words. The "bronze" as you called it was the kind I was thinking of -- highlights like that would look nice.

    If you should so choose. :)


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