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Monday, June 9, 2008
A jam packed fun weekend.
After a long and busy week working (which explains my absence from my beloved blogger) I get rewarded by my wonderful love and our friends... :D

My bf's friend from VA came down to visit him and on Saturday we went boating! How exciting was that? It was beautiful...but nastily hotttt. Meh. I had to resist the urge to jump from the boat into the nice cool water which I was sticking my footsies in. I didn't bring my camera but I took a photo with my sad little RZR phone!
(Bf's best friend on the left, BF on the right.)
It kind of sucked that I had to work later on that day so we couldn't stay long :(
But we're planning to go again in the near future.
The next day was awesome as well! Except for my mini haul...which I will proceed to kick my ass the next couple of days (DAMNIT! 55 USD! DAMNIT!)

Anyhow, we went to the beach.
Hot WEATHER. COLD water.
I got in...spent a minute in the water...and never got back in again 0.o

There's my friend and her bf listening to her ringtone on my phone XD (show me your bootyhole *cringes* I know...I have a dirty mind.)

owh-mai-freakin-goddess! This HAS to be ONE OF THE WORST pictures of me... I SWEAR that is the spf reflection from the flash!! MY FACE ISN'T LIGHTER THAN MY BODY!!! AAAHH! But yes, I am that flatchested, and yes, that is my rib sticking out in the corner XD ahahaha!!!! mai-fucking-gosh...I see my rib!! lawlz! I'm dying. bah!

All in all, the trip to the beach was extremely fun, went swimming for a minute, walked around for a few more minutes, played DDR for a while, went out to eat...then came back home :)


The DAMAGE=55 USD...and a couple cents... X_x

You say: SURELY that can't be enough to add up to 55 bucks! right?!


The rest of the money went to food and candy.... and a big blue bouncy ball.

doh. *slaps forehead*

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