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Friday, June 6, 2008
For the Girls:
Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been incognito ^.^
Just in case you haven't noticed, this post is for the girls...So guys, please wait for the next post which will be dedicated just for you.

Actually, I've just been working every single effin day of this week, (except for Sunday)
I got my sad little paycheck this week, and I actually decided to spend money on a concealer over ten dollars!! wow. I'm not being a tight wad!


that's amazing. Usually I'm really tight-fisted about my dollars...ah well, at least I know my next paycheck will make me feel fantastic.

I'm not one for brand names, but I decided to give Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Concealer a try...

12 USD. Not bad.
Nice creamy coverage, light weight and breathable; the only con so far is that it wont set unless you pat it down with a powder of some sort...mineral preferably.
I'd post pictures of examples but I just got it this afternoon, and i just got back from work so I'm a tad bit (okay, maybe really) lazy right now. Anyhowz, I like it a lot ^.^ it blends well.
I think I'd like to try their lipgloss next...either that or Bath and Body Work's new Pop Culture Plumper lip gloss (I'm not much for the plumping...but it smells really nice XD)

Anybody up for shopping?
VS is having their Semi-Annual sale on June 17'th :)


I remember when I was ten, and I looked down on and laughed at my mother for getting stuff from victoria's secret...I thought it was silly, stupid, and a waste of money; because after all...It's only you who gets to see your own underwear right?

>.> *cough*

uhh...yeah, soo...I vowed to never buy anything from there.

I'm a bad person.

I broke my vow XD

I'm obsessed with VS now...

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