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Thursday, June 26, 2008
One day at a time.
Let's just say I've become an avid workaholic. I enjoy my job, I like being at the workplace, the people are nice and lively so it feels as if I'm hanging out with a bunch of friends instead of going to work.
It's nice getting paid just to hang out ^.^
The only drawback is that I have no life outside the workplace, I've even limited the hours with my dearest to the mornings and early afternoons and Sunday's. :/
Poor thing, I plan to make it up to him...
smothering him with hugs and kisses....then asking for his credit card XD
I swear, I came sooo close to spending a LOT of money twice today...both of them while online shopping.
AVON has this deal...and if I'm not going to use it, I might as well give it to those who want it!

UP TO 53% OFF Skin So Soft Body Care & NEW Color, plus FREE Shipping

Shop early, as some of the product offers end 07/03/08.
This Shipping offer applies only to standard shipping charges and does not affect 2nd Day or Overnight delivery rates. A valid United States street address is required for all deliveries.
Please remember to enter coupon code: AVNFS15
Voted as "Most Trusted Brand" on three continents.
Avon.com Customer Service, 5389 East Provident Drive Cincinnati, OH 45246.


Update your email address. If you're already enjoying personalized service from an Avon Representative, please remember to include her/his phone number during the ordering process to ensure proper credit. If you'd like to find an Avon Representative, here's how.

FREE Delivery when you select Personalized Representative Delivery or when you select Standard Shipping to have the order sent to you via mail carrier (enter coupon code AVNFS15). Please note that Avon Representatives reserve the right to charge a $.75 handling fee.


Aren't I awsome? :D
enjoy the free shipping. *sigh* I'm choosing not to take advantage of that :( ah well.

You know what, the bestest thing about my honey is that he's so supportive and generous, I seriously am NEVER in NEED...(I never said want...I want a ton of stuff.) :)

But anyways, back on topic; because of work, I have to life out of it, and so I've grown lazy with everything...including exercising which is the BIGGEST problem. BAH!
I know, I KNOW! I'm skinny, but still I'd REALLY love to tone out my horrible legs! disgusting flabby things they are. Oh, and my butt -.- but I wont get into that.


most exercises are really boring, like frog squats, effective yet boring and ouchiness, oh, and boring lunges. I dislike all the exercises <<--in that link.
Anybody got any interesting work out methods for the lower body?
Maybe Yoga and Pilates positions would be MUCH more interesting than squatting. :/

I believe that's the most recent photo of my legs in action...Ocean City, MD, playing DDR! (Dance Dance Revolution) Supernova2 :D playing on HEAVY. yay. It was fun. I'm such a nerd.


Unfortunately I was TOO late for the SUM YOUNG HOE challenge T_T
but I had so much fun doing it that I'm definately going to post up the pictures :)
I made the terrible mistake of letting my co-workers pick out my name...it's my new nickname at work now. ("Leana Moon")

But that'll be after I show you my HAULSSS!!

exciting. ^.^

well, I shall go to the land of nod now.
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