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Monday, July 7, 2008
Working hard.
Sorry I haven't been posting.
I get caught up in work, and hanging out with friends...

But I PROMISE I'll have a nice new juicy post for you guys.
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Wednesday, July 2, 2008
Once upon a time.

Yay! a post! finally! Okay, I woke up this morning and it was REALLY bugging me that I didn't post the pictures that were still in my digi cam. *sigh*
So here I am...
this post will include my lip stain strawberry experiment, my semi-annual victoria's secret haul (preferably only for the girl readers), my skin-care haul, and my clothing haul ^.^
It's pretty much a girllllyy post, the above picture^ is the only boy-ish thing you'll ever see for the moment XD

Strawberry lip-stain experiment.
My lips while the strawberry mess was applied. I really should have taken out the seeds or something, I don't know how I could've made it less chunky :/

and my lips AFTER five minutes, and after the strawberry gunk was wiped off. I didn't mess with the picture by the way. So anyhow, my lips are lightly, VERY lightly stained. :) And my lips felt softer and sweeter...but maybe that's because it's made out of lip balm 0_o

YAY! my first summer dress, and it fits perfectly, not to mention it's extremely comfortable. The damage was 9.00 USD (ahah. I'm doing the Karen Cheng.)

And my SECOND summer dress! thanks to the bf's mum :) isn't she nice?

why do my eyes look like little black holes? That's kinda creepy :/ anyhow, thanks to my best friend J. I have a shirt that has sushi on it that says "This is how we roll!"
and thanks to my muthah, the CUTEST top evar. The damage= 5.99 USD. My side bangs went out of wack just for the picture.

Thanks to the bf's mom again, :) a comfortable and flowing silk scarf top, it has the sweeties stamp of approval. Oh, and I AM wearing something underneath.

Okay, GIRLS ONLY AHEAD PLEASE! Just for this one picture :)

I know I know, it's just underwear, no porn (sorry to dissapoint.) But that's my mini Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual sale haul. (Psst, the blue one is the back of the panty. ^.^ oh, and that has the love's stamp of approval as well.)

Okay! You guys can look now.

Jergens natural glow for the spots that dont get tanned when you go to the beach :P
Aveeno with spf 15 and neutrogena blemish wipes...

and liplicious. I gots watermelon flavor...
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