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Wednesday, April 30, 2008
I was tagged by Cherise! whew it's long!
*cracks knuckles*

...lets get started shall we?

Your 5 impressions on her
♥ Fun friend.
♥ really artistic
♥ a cool e-pal who I have had for...a LONG time.
♥ Loves pink...chyeaah ^.^
♥ I always look forward to her blog updates!

Most memorable things he/she has give/done to you :
♥ Advice, and emails ^.^

If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason is because :
♥ ...uh...I dunno...I started to despise the color pink? lawlz. just kidding.

5 things found in my bag :
♥ trash.
♥ candy.
♥ random pieces of paper.
♥ my uber cool sunglasses.
♥ and my uber cool pen. XD

5 things found in my wallet :
♥ those green paper thingyz with numbers and faces on them.
♥ those round silver, and copper thingyz with faces and pictures on them.
♥ library card.
♥ Drivers license.
♥ house keys!

5 favourite things in my room :

♥ My window. why? don't ask *sly smile*
♥ My Cloths.
♥ My Radio.
♥ My Bed.

5 things I always wanted to do :
♥ I agree with Cherise, I would like to shop without having to bother to look at the
price tags :/
♥ To draw an amazing picture that even I am satisfied with.
♥ Sleep under the stars with the one I love :)
♥ sshhh...*whispers* go skinny dipping with my best friend at the beach XD
♥ Dance. :)

5 things I am currently into :
♥ Drawing.
♥ Work.
♥ Reading.
♥ Blog reading.
♥ photography...of maiself XD

List out the top 5 you would wish for :
♥ wish I could have more cash to do what I want...
♥ wish I could be in the philippines.
♥ wish I can have a child. (what can I say, I love children ^.^)
♥ wish I can draw good.
♥ "To be more diligent and motivated in whatever I do." I agree whole heartedly with Cherise.

First Name – Nichi
Nickname – zsa-zsa, little-asia-girl, Niqi, dirty-asian...blahblahblah.
Name you wish you had – Hm, I'm content with my 'real' name.
What do people normally mistake your name as – people say my last name wrong. Oh, and say "Nehchi" instead of "knee+CHI"
Birthday – September 11, 1990..meh. I know.
Birthplace – ARIZONA, USA
Time of Birth – I have no clue
Single or taken – my heart and soul has been taken. <3 Hello KITTY HELL!!
Location – anywhere I'm loved.
Animal – kitties, and horses.
Ever cried over someone – yes, of course.
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself – most everything :/
Do you think you're attractive – Nope.
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose - uh..hm..I dunno.
Do you play any sports – Nope.

I tag:
1. Pao.
2. pikachuhater.


Next Post: Art.
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Tuesday, April 29, 2008
Oh neon green jealousy!
So, personally I have this thing where I hate and like Ayumi Hamasaki...

...she's so pretty, so talented, so pretty, so famous, so pretty, has big eyes, so pretty, is rich, so pretty, has connections, so pretty, so perfect, so pretty, so flawless, so pretty...and did I mention she's freaking gorgeous? oh..and so very pretty? -.-

anyhow, I've fallen in love with her new song Mirrorcle World, even more reason for me to like her...and even MORE reason for me to hate her.
blah. doesn't make any sense...I know.
but without further ado, I've posted her new song on my page, and here are the lyrics:

Ima no konna mirai o boku wa souzou shite ta darou ka
Ima no konna mirai o kimi wa souzou shite ta darou ka

Ima no konna mirai o boku wa nozonde ita no darou ka
Ima no konna mirai o kimi wa nozonde ita no darou ka

Hajimari na no ka tte Shuuen na no ka tte
Akirameta no ka tte Funbatte n no ka tte
Hirakinaotta ka tte Zetsubou shita ka tte
Tada mae ni susume to Anata wa iu ja nai

Ima no konna jidai o boku wa uketomerareru darou ka
Ima no konna jidai o kimi wa uketomerareru darou ka

Mi wo makasen no katte Fuinsaretai no katte
Mitemimefuri katte Mitemonai no katte
Tatakau teru no katte Shirohata na no katte
Giseisha tsurashitte Nigeteru baai janai

Nee bokura ga kono sekai wa gensoku suru youso no naku
Kono mama ga suku no dake ga machitsuzuketara

Wow wow wow wow
Wow Wow Wow

Hajimari na no ka tte Shuuen na no ka tte
Akirameta no ka tte Funbatte n no ka tte
Hirakinaotta ka tte Zetsubou shita ka tte
Tada mae ni susume to Anata wa iu ja nai

Nakanai de irareru no wa
Tsuyoku natta kara
Soretomo ...

Lyric added by: lovellayu



始まりなのかって 終焉なのかって
諦めたのかって 踏ん張ってんのかって

開き直ったかって 絶望したかって
ただ前に進めと あなたが言うんじゃない


身を任せんのかって 不意に止めたいのかって
見ているフリかって 見てもいないのかって

戦ってんのかって 白旗なのかって
犠牲者面して 逃げてる場合じゃない

ねえ 僕らのこの世界は減速する予想もなく

始まりなのかって 終焉なのかって
諦めたのかって 踏ん張ってんのかって

開き直ったかって 絶望したかって
ただ前に進めと あなたが言うんじゃない


Lyric added by: lovellayu

Did I imagine this kind of future?
Did you imagine this kind of future?

Did I wish for this kind of future?
Did you wish for this kind of future?

They ask me "The beginning or the end?"
"Did you give up Or are you holding on?"
"Are you shrugging off Or in despair?"
You tell me Just to go forward

Am I able to handle this kind of era?
Are you able to handle this kind of era?

Should I leave my body, or remain trapped inside it?
Should I pretend I can see it, or is it just not there anyway?
Should I fight, or raise the white flag?
I'm not going to run away like a victim

In this world, we have to slow down because we don't know everything
That way, we can continue down a cleared path

They ask me "The beginning or the end?"
"Did you give up Or are you holding on?"
"Are you shrugging off Or in despair?"
You tell me Just to go forward

Is it because I've become strong
That I can be without tears
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currently drawing, don't bother me please.
...I'm drawing. ^.^
I can't be bothered with blogging for the moment. so bite me :D
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Monday, April 28, 2008
brothers birthday party.
Today is my fourteen year old brother's "official" birthday, and on Saturday was his birthday party, which I volunteered to plan, host, and feed him and his many puberty pals.
I have no idea what was going on in my head when I decided to plan his party...
Nonetheless, I prepared everything the day before the party, and well, the party wasn't a disaster to say the least :)

I didn't plan any activities because my brother and is friends are too "old" and too "cool" for little party games, (I personally will never get tired of pin the tail on the donkey. classic.)
Boys will be boys I thought, so I didn't really need to plan much, they're a primitive race and can amuse themselves. But just to be safe I bought 400 water balloons that they could launch at each other outdoors.Meh, and THAT was a disaster, during the process more balloons were popped than made, and the balloons that my boyfriend and my youngest brother finally painstakingly made were gone in less than two minutes.
After the balloons they amused themselves with my moms bug eyed sunglasses and my blonde wig. Like I said, Primitive race.That's Me, stabbing marinated bbq pork with a vengeance, Saturday morning (sorry to all those vegetarians out there :/ but my brother is a carnivore and I had to fulfill his needs.) And the guy with the box around his head is my prom date. I just realized that all the pictures I have of him is of his back...mwahaha! you shall never see his face.

and yes, I got my fourteen year old brother a thong from victorias secret. :)
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Sunday, April 27, 2008
Terrible sadness.
so, I haven't been online lately because of work, and my brothers birthday party which I will blog about later.
Anyhow, I know all of you know about the horrors of animal abuse, and the terrible stories of the fur trade, but do we REALLY REALLY know the horrors of it?

I'd like all of you to take the time and actually read about it.
I know it's hard...

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Thursday, April 24, 2008
I've found something new to play around with, Adobe Photoshop CS!
*sparkles and confetti fall from the sky*
(as if I already don't spend enough time on the computer.)
It's like a shiny new toy with hundreds and hundreds of buttons!
I'm constantly going, "ooh! what does this button doo?"

So, I took a few of my pictures and screwed around with them...
"DUDE! I can totally put makeup on my face WITHOUT ACTUALLY PUTTING MAKEUP ON MY FACE!!! fancy that!"

...you can tell I was excited.
I've heared about all the interesting things people can accomplish with photoshop, but I didn't really have the chance to figure it out for myself until now ^.^ First, I experimented with the brush tool, a little blush, and a little eyeliner...hey look Ma!
It only looks like I'm wearing makeup! but I'm not! it's fake! mwahaha!But then, I accidentally discovered the blur and smudge tool, and THAT is where the fun began. I discovered the many things I could do with with the smudge tool by my side. I messed with the color levels and contrast first, then I evened out my skin tone with the brush tool, added makeup with the fancy brush tool, and then decided to give myself a nose job with the smudge and blur tools. Ahah. I look so different! It's kind of scary to know that I can look like a completely different person just by messing with my pictures on my computer...
...doesn't it make you think twice about the models on the magazines? It makes me wonder if that's what they really look like in real life. Heh, I'm not good at photoshop, but I've discovered how to make myself look good XD

But don't worry, I wont start photoshopping my pictures. I'd prefer it if you guys knew what I really looked like, so I can complain about myself to you ^.^
Wouldn't you like that?
I like how I can give myself a quick and painless nosejob. haha. Bleh, I hate my big fat nose.
Anyhow, I played with photoshop from 8 pm last night till midnight...and I developed a nice pounding headache.
Clutching my head in agony...okay, so it wasn't THAT bad, but I'mma dramaqueen. :D But I do want you to know, despite all the "lovely" pictures of me that you have seen, that really isn't me, and I DO NOT look THAT GOOD in real life, I'm just a normal girl, with terrible features, that wishes she was pretty...and below is what I really look like. :)


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Wednesday, April 23, 2008
skin care.
Skin care.
I've joined the rage...
Maybe I'm just a little too obsessed, I use spf lotions...and I still try not to get exposed to a lot of sunlight, I wear longsleeves and jeans when I go outside, and I try to tend our "garden" in the morning.


Oil-Free Acne Stress Control

(And for once, a scrub that actually works. HOORAY!)

OLAY age defying anti-wrinkle daily spf 15 lotion.

(It's never too early to start prevention)

Afternoon (Going out):

MAYBELLINE Instant age rewind cream foundation
(which I have fallen in love with, just so you know ^.^)

MicaBELLA cosmetics mineral foundation

LOREAL PARIS true match concealer.

Eyelash curler

CLINIQUE high definition lashes


(to wipe off all the dirt that settled in my pores during the day.)

Oil-Free Acne Stress Control


I don't think my skin will hate me in the future :)
seeing as I'm trying to take great care of it...

goooood nichi!
*pats herself on her head*
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Tuesday, April 22, 2008
*le gasp!*


I hate it when people talk leik diz st8 up yo u no it getz annoyin when yooh hav 2 reed stufff leik dis especially in d blawgz n foh sum rezon dey dunt leik 2 use puncuation marks either -.-

dey be smartz.


Why is it so hard to use proper grammar and spelling? I mean, I'm not perfect at either of them, but hey! At least I'm TRYING.

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Monday, April 21, 2008
...I want a dress.

...and I found some at AsiaJam, a new chic and sleek place for me to google and drool at. The cloths are reasonably priced and the styles are exactly something I would want to wear...yay for asia jam. I'm only allowed to take twenty dollars out of each paycheck, soo...maybe...just maybe I could get myself a dress?


...I want a dress.
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Sunday, April 20, 2008

I don't like having my pictures taken...
By ANYBODY else BUT me. There should be a mutual trust between model and photographer, and unless the photographer is a professional, I don't trust them, period.

Personally I don't think I look all that fantastic in person, but hey! look at my pictures, they look nice! It's because I'm such an awesome photographer :D (conceited nah?!)
Sure the model poses and "looks good", but the photographer is the one who's "painting" the picture, or telling the story.

Good lighting, good angles.

Model has a big nose? Either tilt the models head slightly to the side or take the picture from a three-quarter angle, obviously giving the impression of a smaller nose. (I have a big nose...so I tend to tilt my camera a lot :/)

I'm writing about this because I get so many compliments on the pictures I post on the web, but I look COMPLETELY different in real life than I do in a photo, but I DO know the girl in the picture is me, but I don't LOOOOOOK that GOOOOOD.
Matter of fact, the girl I see when I look in the mirror, scares me! ...just a little ^.^

A picture is worth a thousand words.
Yet another way to tell a story. That's why I love photography ^.^
A lot of people I know are going into the photography business, going to college just to study the art...It's such an easy thing to do! Just POINT and CLICK and viola! tada! easy-peasy.
But that is the bad thing about it, people think they can just snap and photo and viola! they have a masterpiece.

There is much more to a picture then point and shoot, same as an oil painting, there is much more then just a brush stroke on a canvas.
It's the passion and dedication you put into it, and secondly, the technical stuff...like lighting and posing and blah blah blah :)

(The model in those two pictures is my good friend Sarah T., she's a good sport and lets me use her as my lab testing pet with all my crazy ideas for makeup and photos.)
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Saturday, April 19, 2008
the great outdoors
It is way too beautiful to stay indoors and blog today.

See you outside! ^.^

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Thursday, April 17, 2008
I love my job, but the theater in the mall called me in for an interview and I accepted...
I don't know, which is more important? The money? or enjoying your workplace? I'm not quiting my job, I love it too much to quit, the people are awesome, my boss is amazing, and I just got a freaking raise...
But I might be soooo miserable if I had two jobs! (Which I am considering.)

Two jobs = more money.
Two jobs = more time spent working.
Two jobs = less time for me and everybody I love.
Two jobs = more stress.

Do the math.
If I get the job, I'll be giving it a one month trial.

I took that an hour ago. I have so much to be happy about...I don't want to lose that.


0.o I'm so emo.

Anyhow....oooh temptatiooon. Sparkly stuff. Shiny stuff. Shoes. Dresses. Cloths. Fancy. Oooh. It's a good thing I didn't have my debit card when I went to the mall today with my best friend (the "white" one XD) I like how sparkly things catch my eye. But I guess thats what it's made for ^.^

Damn being female.

and DAMN my love for video games, I spent thirty minutes in the video game store with my co-worker just discussing games we like and games we have. I wish I had an xbox 360.

oh. and Devil May Cry 4.

^.^ that would make my world. Oh, and if somebody bought me shoes, and a necklace for prom. Oh yes, I'm going to prom...but I don't go to school...I'm semi-offcially graduated...but a friend of mine invited me to go to prom with him. meh. this post sucks. my mind is fried. excuse me while I weep for me loss of intelligence.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008
There are SOOO many "beauty" blogs out there! So many tips, how-to's, how-do's, reviews, etc.!
Some are very helpful, and some are just plain TOO girly for me to read.
But all in all, it's a guilty pleasure for me :P

I don't wear makeup, but I like reading about what these women and girls talk about, it's pretty interesting, after all, the face is just another canvas to paint on ^.^
And I use to wear makeup and obsess about wearing it everyday, it's almost like trying to quit smoking...I felt so naked without my makeup for a long while.
makeup makes me feel pretty...but then it's like I'm wearing a mask. *sigh* ah well.

I like to read Michelle Phan's (ricebunny) blog. But she rarely updates it anymore so I have started to read *starlit*, who I find really interesting and amusing...
But I don't like to read XiaXue's blog, it's way to "girly" and though she may be funny, her page takes WAY TO LONG TO LOAD ON MY COMPUTER....I have dial-up and "TopSpeed" (read: L-I-E-S) AOL.




close your mouth.



I know I live in the dinosaur age, no need to rub it in.
but above all blogs, I enjoy reading Karen Cheng's blog the most.

Blah, anyhow, to tan or NOT to tan?

I didn't really care until I turned thirteen and I went to the Philippines for the first time and my family oohhd and aahhd over my light skin, after that I became self-concious about my skin color. Which is kind of a good thing, Because I avoided direct sunlight and or wore sunscreen...

it was only this year where I discovered too much sunlight is a bad thing, it prematurely ages your skin! :/

A scary thought.

So, I've developed this mindset where I WANT "white" skin. Like the chinese or korean people.
T.T But I'm hopelessly dark skinned.

Thats the bad thing...!!!
I'll be going to the beach a lot...BECAUSE I FREAKING LOVE THE BEACH OKAY?!?
but I can't swim if I don't want to get darker...


*pant, pant*


how unfair! I guess I'll be hopelessly dark for the rest of my living days.


maybe I should go hermit zombie on everybody. Then I can be as white as a ghost! yey.
hmph. Fine. I'll just go eat my mint chocolate ice cream and stew in my depression. weeping for my vanity. -.- /cry. /sob.

I only look white because the camera flash is kind to me, and likes to flatter me and tries and make me look pretty.
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Tuesday, April 15, 2008
I'm uber skinny. End of story.
I have a fast metabolism, and I am just naturally skinny, and it's hard for me to gain weight...it's the asian gene :)

*beams happily*

But since I watched "Super-SIZE Me" and saw how easily it is to lose muscle and gain fat...I decided that even though I can eat EVERYTHING and ANYTHING, I should WATCH what I eat and EXCERSIZE. A healthy me makes a happy me, right? ^.^

So, I don't want to become a DEFINED BUFF woman...now thats just scary, in my opinion women aren't supposed to look like that.(hell! That's scary! 0.0)

I would like a little muscle for strength, but not enough to have an arm like hers. My excersize program is in the morning when I first wake up, and in the evening after I come home from work. Flexibility and endurance is what I am working on...oh and cardio! Yeah, yeah, I know...it's Jessica Alba....and yeah, I know, she has the perfect body, and yeah...I also know she makes us all envious. ugh. -.-


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Monday, April 14, 2008
Yesterday my boyfriend bought me green tea in a bottle at a gas station store, I opened it, drank it...and made a face.

"Ew, this tastes weird!"
"Mmhmm, or maybe it's just me."
"did you shake it?"
"nah. thats probably why it tates weird"


the bottle now starts talking.


"Nichi! Put that down. STOP. DON'T DRINK THAT!"
"No wonder it tasted funny"
"Was it tampered with?"
"um....now that I think of it, it didn't make that familiar POP sound when you open a bottle"

*I inspect the bottle*

"yep. look...the bottle was opened before...it has dents on the cap."

*I inspect the bottom of the bottle and see white mushy looking mucus stuff swimming inside*

"Hopefully it's something safe like urine and not cyanide."




For the rest of the evening I felt weird. And today I felt sick.

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Saturday, April 12, 2008
hairdress time.
I'm a wash and brush hair type of gal, no gelling, no styling, nada.
I don't even brush my hair before I go to bed, but er, I think I should, but I'm slightly lazy.
The thing is, I needed a haircut, but I wanted something that would be easily styled, and is suited for my everyday life (The one where I don't get out much -.-)

I have an oval shaped face, so I had something going for me...
I wanted to know if I could pull off the whole "bangs" thing, you know, the type of hairstyle MOST asian girls have?
like the one she has!

But I ALREADY look like a little girl, and bangs would give me this sort of inocent school girl look, which I do not want...plus...I wouldn't want my boyfriend to be seen as a pedophile ^.^

So BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES!! Yay! everybody loves before and after pictures!

take note on the slight waviness of my hair, the fringed tips, the way it lays around my face, and my HORRIBLE forehead. Look at it! it's just sticking OUT there! >.<

.... and now....!


(AFTER - With SIDE Bangs)
(excuse the flatness, I took the pictures right after I got out of the shower ^.^)

I like my new hair cut. It lays beautifully on and around my head and face, the long layers cancel out the waviness, my frayed ends are cut but my length has been retained, and I have wonderful sidebangs that I can wear as bangs whenever I feel like I can pull off zee bangs look! ^.^

I vow to have my hair as long as hers. Oh, and I want my hair to be that "curly" for prom ^.^
Hm, her hair color isn't that bad either, but I think I like having my hair a little more auburn. Meh, I just realized I posted a really girly blog. AH WELL! enjoy. :)
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Thursday, April 10, 2008
birthday partys
My younger brother is turning fourteen this month.
I pretty much woke up this morning, crawled out of bed, and decided to plan my brothers birthday party. I walked into the kitchen, looked at my family eating breakfast and, "Hey, when is the birthday party going to be?" :D
I made a list of people he said he wanted to invite, and the food he wanted to eat. Originally he wanted to go and play lasertag, but with the gas prices and extra money for the party...we kind of...can't handle it.

So, I'm cooking everything ^.^
And making the cake.

I'm excited, although I have a feeling I'm going to become stressed the day before >.<
I don't know why I volunteer for such things.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008
flawless perfection.
The heroine, flawless beauty, quick wit, intelligence...

an epitome of perfection.

Such is Rosamond from "The Long Fatal Love Chase" by Louisa May Alcott. Beautiful, smart, charming, and cunning...she's above all women.

That's what I hate about most classical books...

The heroines are much too perfect, and there isn't much reality in it!

Psh. I like how the heroines give me a inferiority complex.

Personally, the only inspirational character in a book for me, that can pass off as a "real" woman is Elizabeth Bennet from "Pride and Prejudice" :)

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Monday, April 7, 2008
weekends are always fun.
Weekends are yay.
Yesterday I went bowling with my wonderful boyfriend, and two of my friends...
We also played two games of lasertag! it's just too bad one game is 5USD for only 7 and a half minutes.
I have something to ask, is it illegal to have good-looking bowling shoes? Is it the law to have weird funky looking bowling shoes with blinding bright colors? sheesh.

BRIGHT BRIGHT ORANGE and BLINDING NEON YELLOW, what a wonderful combination.

How does one get pro at bowling? I'd like to know...It'd be nice to reach one hundred for once XD I got the lowest score out of everybody, my guy friend beat me by one point (77-78)
pro at air hockey.

That girl is pretty much awesome.

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Sunday, April 6, 2008
saved by the shoe.
Do you recall my last post? The one about the shoes?
Meh. It so happens the night I come back home from work to show my mom the shoes I bought, I discover that I have purchased TWO left shoes! It was tragic, I really wanted those shoes...but I just ended up returning them yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon, me and my boyfriend went to the local-yokel bazaar which is full of delicious foods, so many goodies, imitation purses, hair products, body products, jewelry, furniture...whatever you need you can get it at the bazaar ten times cheaper than if you went shopping at the mall.
Everything is eye dazzling and catching...and oh so deliciously cheap.
I wish somebody could stuff one hundred dollars in my hands and let me loose in there, I'd have a feeding frenzy. ^.^

I bought two things yesterday, an awesome looking pocket knife for my brothers birthday, and a hello kitty necklace for a friend of mine. Pocket knife was 15USD, and the HK Necklace was 1USD.
Okay, if I buy something cheap...is that SAVING money? or SPENDING money?
I guess it depends on how you look at it.
grawr. I'm spending money I should be saving -.-
Honestly, I need a little more self-control.
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Friday, April 4, 2008
Oh temptation, temptation...
Temptation: 1, Me: 0

Oh bother, I was supposed to save fifteen dollars for my brothers birthday gift. One word: FAILURE.

I walked into a store and LO and BEHOLD! there are 34$ shoes on sale for 6.99!

There was this one black pair, the LAST pair, in my size, it was so cute...and I SWEAR I could hear it calling my name. It was alone, all alone, a cute pair of shoes on sale surrounded by fifty other ugly on sale shoes, poor poor shoe... I had to save it.

And my other reason is that it'll look good with my prom dress :D
Oh, then I spent three dollars on a chicken sandwhich, because I was hungry.


I couldn't help it. I know I broke the rule of spending time at the mall...
and I lost self-control. (Well, my self-control sucks as it is.)

I was at the mall from 11:50 AM, and then I had work at 4:00, so I had to do SOMETHING for five hours...so I walked, back and forth, then forth and back.

I stood in lines, talked to a cute little boy who told me his name and pointed to the woman next to him and told me, "THAT'S MOMMY, she's waiting in line, and she's TAKING FOREVER!!!"
and I bought something...then returned it. XD

Finally at 3:30, I walked into work, exausted from my day's adventure.
Oh, and before I came into work I sat down for an hour and read a book I took along with me. (I knew I was going to be there for a while.)

"A Long Fatal Love Chase" by Louisa May Alcott. So far so good. ^.^

Temptation and self-control.
I feel a zit growing on my chin.
Double Ugh.
I am deeply dissapointed in Burts Bees Peach and Apricot Deep pore Scub. Didn't help at all, no change for me in 3 months...I went back on the Olive Oil scrub...which works wonders for my acne pron skin. Grawr. Ugh.
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