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Friday, May 30, 2008
Pierced by insecurity.
watercolor paper, pencil, watercolor, ink.
The need to express (her) feelings.
Color in the pain and confusion.
Final. Insecurity stabs her body, burying itself deep into her skin.
...and I really did feel better after I drew that picture. :)

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

1. stimulus to do creative work: something that stimulates the human mind to creative thought or to the making of art

3. creativeness: the quality of being stimulated to creative thought or activity, or the manifestation of this

Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

...inpiration comes in many forms...
Yesterday a fellow blogger, by the name of Dan, inspired me to pick up my pen and pencil and draw a tree! :D
First of all, I enjoy drawing nature, but Dan has a certain free flow stroke with carefree lines and I ached to mimick it and make it my own...*waves at Dan* (psst! I hope you don't mind that I copied your style XD maybe I should have asked you first before I posted..haha.)

Here are a few of Dan's artwork that fed my creativity. Talk to me tree: this piece is brilliant! It made me ACHE to draw...and demmit! Dan!! I shall hunt you down if you gave this piece away! I'd even buy it from you (depending on what your offered price is...XD I'm not made out of money.)

STOMP: Bah. Dan's creativity is out of this world, it partly makes me jealous...*grumbles*
Not Getting Wet (is romantic too.): I like how he can just scribble and make it a cool piece of artwork...if I tried scratching away like that I'd get upset with myself...."BaH! I'm not DOING IT RIGHT!! WHAT'S THE RIGHT WAY TO SCRIBBLE?!?" 0.o

Never Apart: My ultimate favorite, why? First of all it's beautiful, and second, it reminds me of when I went to Philippines and left my poor mate all alone here in the United States for a month and a half =..( hmph. way to sell it Dan! (jk)

And finally, thanks for the inspiration Dan, The picktcha is foh youu ^.^

Meh. It isn't as good as his, but...whatever! I enjoyed drawing it. :)

Have a good day everybody! I'm off to work! see yah!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Memorial weekend.
I hope everybody had an enjoyable weekend and day off Monday, and I hope we took the time to actually remember on memorial day, say thanks and give a prayer to those who gave their lives for our freedom here in the United States. :)

I've pretty much given up on getting lighter skin (like her^ *points upwards*) :( I wanted to be as white as the Korean people...but *le sigh* I'm to dark for my own good. So I decided to embrace my natural skin tone and...went tanning in my backyard...I was looking kinda sickly because I was starving my skin from sunlight.
ew at that picture....but...anyhow...I'm feeling much better, and my skin looks and feels much better sun kissed.
I haven't been drawing lately...but I will try soon, and I'll post them up ^.^
Enjoy the rest of your day!
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Sunday, May 25, 2008
My Movie Review #1

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
Movie number two.

Rated PG for epic battle action and violence.
(The action is pretty astounding and intense for a children's movie.)

Running Time is 2 hours and 20 minutes.
(I was going to be late for work if I didn't change into my work cloths in the theater :P)

Personally I believe it to be much better than the first one, it's darker and just a tad bit less kid friendly...But being such an avid fan of the series I don't really enjoy the way they changed around the story and characters for the movie.
But hey! It's hollywood! You must expect that sort of thing to happen, because of course, a movie can only go so far, whereas a book can take you places you've never been.
The CG is amazing, and I LOVE how they portrayed Reepiecheep the Valiant Mouse, which is much better than the OLD Reepiecheep in the 1988 Narnia movies from BBC.

The music score was very nice, but forgettable. Although I do like the last song in the movie, and I need to find out who was singing it.
The acting was so-so, nothing awesome, but good enough for a movie.
They did an amazing job of grabbing your attention and toying with your emotions...which I love in a movie. The action is worth watching, YES!
Yes, I did tear up in some scenes :(

All in all it's a nice emotional rollercoaster.

A cutesy kiddy action/fantasy movie, although I don't reccomend it for children younger than nine, I heared a few kids behind me whimpering on certain scenes. :/

I rate it B+ movie. (Out of A+ A- B+ B- C+ C- D+ D-)

ah yes, another cool thing is the costumes and scenery...the location was the best, and I fell in love with the intricate details of the weaponry and armory. ^.^
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Friday, May 23, 2008
(=O.O=) Kitty got glasses.
Lookies! I gots a new game to play! More time on the internet that I should waste!! I'm starting Travian, except I play on the newly restarted speed server with my two younger brothers and boyfriend :D
I stayed up till twelve midnight just to activate my account right as the game began and start playing! ^.^
0.o it's called DEDICATED...NOT OBSESSED...get it right bum.

Meh. Just another gaming chick.

Well, I got my glasses. What do you guys think?

It's another world looking through my new glasses...

even if it's optional for me to wear them, I think I'll be using them quite often.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008
Online shopping, a dangerous and contagious disease
After lurking at a few peoples blogs I usually go online "window" shopping, and so I followed my usual routine and popped up Forever 21's site, I drooled at a couple of items and then saw that they were having a sale on lingerie...I need a couple of items, but I can't spend any money this month :
Oh, I failed, I failed BIG time.
I gave into my inner shopaholic, grabbed my cellphone and speed-dialed my beloved, who has my debit card...why?
Because my dearest is a rock, cannot be persuaded otherwise, cannot be moved, he's the strongest creature I know, he can and will say no, even to me.
So even if I snuggle up to him, bat my eyelashes, look up at him with big childish eyes and a lower lip pout, and ask him in my sweetest voice...I still won't be able to get what I want. Which makes me grumpy because I'm used to getting what I want!
*folds arms*

Anyhow, the Phone call.

"Helloooo deaarest!"
"oh, hi!"
"I know you're busy at work and everything..."
"Actually I'm on break."
"Ooooh really?! well...there's a sale going on and I want a new bra......
can I have my debit card number pleeeaase?!? It's MUCH cheaper to get it online than to buy one at the mall!!"
"Plus shipping?"
"The bra's are 4.50! That's MUCH cheaper than the cheapest bra at Victoria's Secret which is twenty dollars!!"
"Well, I wouldn't know anything about the price of bra's so I have to trust you on that."
"really?!...oh...cool. ^.^"

I greedily got my debit card #...
almost baught myself a pretty dress...until my sweetie said, "No."

but unfortunately, and to my dismay....
either they don't take debit, or I just couldn't get it to work.

cry. cry. cry. cry. cry.

I was looking forward to having new cloths.

ah well.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008
My boyfriend said it looks like a talented little kid drew it XD
It was the last picture I ever drew with my co-workers prismacolor color pencils, which I returned yesterday. that is actually an old sketch that I randomly drew, shadowed the girl...messed up her arm, then completely ignored the picture for a year. It was two or three days ago where I found it again and randomly decided to fill it in.
Sorry tis blurry...blogger picture uploading sucks. meh. anyhow, he *points to the above pickcha* be robot.

yayness4 See! hezzaza tall as mai wittle brudder.

So, I'm planning to take a two year course in visual communications at a local community college...I'm kind of nervous though, either being surrounded by talented people is going to squelch me, or it's going to help me out...I just don't know.


Fourteen year old brother suffering from puberty walks into the room.

"Hey, do I smell good?"

Shoves his forearm under my nose, and I sniff carefully.

"You do...but...wait...HAVE YOU BEEN USING MY LOTION AND SPRAY?!?!!!"

I angrily exclaim.


he answered with indifference.


roars moi.

"...because, it smells good." He says in a "duh, you should know that" tone and walks away.

...grrr...Using my expensive victoria secret lotions...the bum.
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Sunday, May 18, 2008
Sunday morning.
Ugh. I'm rather lazy right now, I don't know if I want to post pictures about Prom... :/
I went to a graduation party and my "supportive" friends tried to get me to eat a meatball, and yes, I'm still vegan, I didn't eat a meatball...but, they almost won 0.o
I have a feeling I'm not going to be vegan anymore if I don't really have support from my friends and family...oh, and good food in the fridge :D
Hai Hai (g)ezebel! *waves frantically*
And for Dan, Grand Theft Auto Four is an awesome game with so many things for you to do, I didn't feel restricted in it, and a few times I actually felt as if I were IN the game itself. The gameplay itself is legendary and worth bragging about. There are MANY glitches, especially when you get into vehicles, (once I found myself in the water after jumping from a boat to a bridge, I should've made the jump, but I fell through the bridge and went to take a bath.) but the wide variety of things you can do in the game makes up for the silly glitches.
I do recommend playing GTAIV ^.^
even if it is a gangstah game :P
...ah. maybe I will post pictures of prom and get it over with :)

DAY TWO: GETTING READY, and PROM. Ahaha. terrible picture, I'm so shiny and tired looking...but anyhow, thats a "before" picture...right before I got my hair done.My friend/co-worker did a lovely job on my hair, it suited the frame of my face beautifully (i'm oval shaped...lucky me.)

^.^ we put on our makeup at the last minute.
We had to take pictures at THREE houses!! 0.o how bothersome.

the pictures below were stolen from my friend and her date's myspace. :D *waves @ them*
0.o...my date looks really cute in that picture....
LOOK! I'm dancing! Unfortunately I didn't take pictures at prom itself...and when we were dancing...I was too busy boogying-down!! chyeaah. Look at me...I'm sweating hahaha.
I was born the party girl...-.-

I'm beautiful damnit. (concieted nah?)
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Friday, May 16, 2008
Happ(y)ness meter: HIGH
Prom was awesome.
I only needed to say three words :)
But I'm not going to post pictures just yet, I'm waiting for the pictures my date took, my friend took, her date took, and my date's mom took.
They have some pretty freaking awesome pictures in their cameras.

In other news I got my picture request taken and drawn!!! exciting!!! w00t w00t! I asked him to draw a dancing star...(I have this big obsession with stars and apples)

THANKS doktored! *waves* ^.^
Ahem, anyhow, I shall regain composure and stop drooling over the star picture.

DAY ONE: the day before prom.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to find very many hookers in Grand theft auto four...and the first one I found, I ran over...
Yes, it's laugh worthy, I squashed the hooker with my hot ride which didn't look very hot at the moment since I was TERRIBLE at driving the cars and I bumped into every possible thing XD (now you understand why I ran over the hooker-.-) Instead I went to the strip clubs and wanted to see how many lap dances I could get, on the third dance I got two strippers O.O

My date had to pick up his sister at a farm, because she got a new horse. The ride going down there was beautiful, my date rolled down all the windows and the sun roof and I stuck my head out of the sun roof a couple of times...it was memorable. (I couldn't get a good picture of the horses...but I got a good picture of their bootoxes.)
I played more GTA4 at my dates house, then watched Foolycooly. FLCL.

and after that I went over my best friend's house to spend a night.

DAY TWO, PROM DAY: In the morning, getting ready.
We woke up at seven, talked for a while...
then went to Mcdonalds to eat our brekkist. Went back to her house, ate, and watched tom and jerry :)
Took our showers...blahblahblah, then did our nails. Previously, the night before, I bought fake nails for 3.45 USD because I haven't done my nails really well in a long time, and I needed to feel purty XD pink, and pretty...who wouldn't feel pretty with nice nails? :) It took some time to get used to though, since I normally have short clipped nails. I don't like the feeling of long nails...it's harder to do everything, I can't type properly, and I can't open soda cans! But they sure are preeetty.
It's peach pink with black tips and little pink glittery hearts <3

My co-worker came over that afternoon to do our hair ^.^

But that's for the next post. :)

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