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Friday, May 16, 2008
Happ(y)ness meter: HIGH
Prom was awesome.
I only needed to say three words :)
But I'm not going to post pictures just yet, I'm waiting for the pictures my date took, my friend took, her date took, and my date's mom took.
They have some pretty freaking awesome pictures in their cameras.

In other news I got my picture request taken and drawn!!! exciting!!! w00t w00t! I asked him to draw a dancing star...(I have this big obsession with stars and apples)

THANKS doktored! *waves* ^.^
Ahem, anyhow, I shall regain composure and stop drooling over the star picture.

DAY ONE: the day before prom.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to find very many hookers in Grand theft auto four...and the first one I found, I ran over...
Yes, it's laugh worthy, I squashed the hooker with my hot ride which didn't look very hot at the moment since I was TERRIBLE at driving the cars and I bumped into every possible thing XD (now you understand why I ran over the hooker-.-) Instead I went to the strip clubs and wanted to see how many lap dances I could get, on the third dance I got two strippers O.O

My date had to pick up his sister at a farm, because she got a new horse. The ride going down there was beautiful, my date rolled down all the windows and the sun roof and I stuck my head out of the sun roof a couple of times...it was memorable. (I couldn't get a good picture of the horses...but I got a good picture of their bootoxes.)
I played more GTA4 at my dates house, then watched Foolycooly. FLCL.

and after that I went over my best friend's house to spend a night.

DAY TWO, PROM DAY: In the morning, getting ready.
We woke up at seven, talked for a while...
then went to Mcdonalds to eat our brekkist. Went back to her house, ate, and watched tom and jerry :)
Took our showers...blahblahblah, then did our nails. Previously, the night before, I bought fake nails for 3.45 USD because I haven't done my nails really well in a long time, and I needed to feel purty XD pink, and pretty...who wouldn't feel pretty with nice nails? :) It took some time to get used to though, since I normally have short clipped nails. I don't like the feeling of long nails...it's harder to do everything, I can't type properly, and I can't open soda cans! But they sure are preeetty.
It's peach pink with black tips and little pink glittery hearts <3

My co-worker came over that afternoon to do our hair ^.^

But that's for the next post. :)

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