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Wednesday, May 14, 2008
video games...FTW! HOORAY!
Today is the day before prom, I'm somewhat excited, but not as excited as I am to play GTAIV!
I'm off to experiment, as some of you might know, Grand theft auto IV isn't exactly the "best" game a "kid" could/should play...
laadeedaadeedaa, you can have sex in the game and it boosts your health up, (so I have heared), and they don't really leave any scope for imagination seeing as you can zoom in and move the cameras around, and you can also choose how you "want" to do "it".
0.o and this game was rated a 10.10 and a masterpiece...quite honestly, what is this world coming to?

Anyhow, before I go off on a rant about it being just another mindless gangstah game, I should play it? shouldn't I? :) So, I'm going over to my prom dates house tonight, then over my friends to spend a night, THEN TO PROM.

But anyhow, I still haven't told you my experiment....
(I hope this doesn't offend anybody by the way, I'm only doing it because the stupid game allows it and I am extremely curious because nobody can tell me the answer.)


I'mma see how many times I can have sex before I get aids.


there was a rumor going on that you could get aids from having too much sex in the video game...

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